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caculator Foxswap

Next Generation AMM Protocol

Foxswap Decentralized Finance

Layer 2 Protocol
Foxswap is a new type of Layer-2 scalability solution for increased security, cost, TPS
and usability.
DEX Aggregation
The extended DeFi platform can aggregation other DeFi platforms such as Uniswap, SushiSwap, Balancer, etc.
Key Features
Swap tokens, Oracles, Loans, Secondary Markets.

Foxswap Platform

Foxwap will have features helping you trade more effectively.
Exchange rate at Foxswap will be at the lowest when order across with multiple liquidity pools
Trading on Foxswap by personal wallet is completely secure, manifest, and faster
When trading token, commands are sent and processed immediately
Traders have the right to change fees as they expect faster easily
Before being listed, tokens are moderated. Token with non clear information will be warned in detail
Foxswap brings to you fast, easy to use, high-efficiency experience

FOX Token Ecosystem

Benefits and values of FOX Token

Fees Discount

Trading fees and gas fees will be decreased when you have FOX Token

Token Burn

30% from profit will be used to redeem FOX Token. Token redeemed will be bernt monthly

Token Rewards

FOX Token will be the prize for people, communities contributing to project development

Staking Rewards

Staking rewards will be FOX Tokens from the transaction fees on Foxswap

Liquidity Mining

FOX Tokens will be mined when trading on the Foxswap

Governance Tokens

FOX Token will be administrated in separate chains and configured with some important parameters

Tokenmetrics Details

Type Of Token
Total Supply
100 million
Token Allocation FOX
Seed Sale
Private Sale
Public Sale
Team & Advisors
Marketing & Partnership
Token Sale FOX
Token Sale Price (ETH) Amount (FOX) Raised (ETH)
Seed Sale 0.00005 20,000,000 1,000
Private Sale 0.0001 4,000,000 400
Public Sale 0.0002 1,000,000 200

Founders & Team

Brian Chen
Eric Werker
Co - Founder
Harry Lee
Christopher J
Eden Hazard
Charles Nwoko
Felix Jones
George Patrick

Roadmap Of FoxSwap

Q2 - 2020

Ideas and deplying the Foxswap
Research of DeFi ecosystem
Tokenomics of the FoxSwap
Relationships with partnership

Q3 - 2020

Foxswap UI/UX design
Developing liquidity pool
Seed Sale FOX tokens
Foxswap beta V1

Q4 - 2020

Testnet beta V1
Strategy development
Strategic Partnerships
FOX token ecosystem

Q1 - 2021

Private and public token sales
Marketing partnerships
Listing FOX on exchange
Launch app FoxSwap

Q2 - 2021

Different loaning pools
Synthetic assets, derivatives
Launch mobile app
Decentralization of FOX governance

Q3 - 2021

Coming soon

Contact Us

[email protected]